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Designing and Building

Even the greatest ideas have to be designed and made

Everything can be a building block

With collaboration, anything is possible

What Engages Us


Many of us live and breathe projects. Maybe we don't breathe them, but we're passionate about building things that go, think and do. Some of us also do it professionally, but many others of us might teach, drive or do accounting for a living, but this is how we like to spend our free time.


This is where ideas are conceived and strengthened. With a diverse range of powerful design tools at our disposal, ranging from computers to whiteboards(which are unstoppable when used by an inspired project designer), we have all the tools you'll need to plan out your project idea.

Young Makers

Kids are the Coders, Designers, Engineers & Builders of our future. Anyone who wants to learn new skills and develop their creativity is very welcome. All ages and abilities have something valuable to share, and we're passionate about helping make that happen.


None of even the best ideas will amount to much if they aren't built. We're passionate about understanding how to make sure projects we develop are able to be made into something that works. If you've never done that before, come along anyway, one of us will help you out.


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