Open Day 2018 (2)

Designing and Creating - The only limit is our imaginations

  • On Sunday 17th of June, members of The Melbourne Computer Club will be opening up our doors to welcome to share our love of technology with you. We're a wide range of people from many different backgrounds, some of us are full time engineers, some teachers, accountants and tradespeople.
  • The one thing we have in common is a passion for technology, if you do too, then please register for this free event. We'd love to meet you and learn what projects you're up to.

Many different projects

  • We've collected together a collection of our members' side projects that they've been working on at the club to showcase.

Open day for everyone

You might be a weekend hacker, part time maker, or a full time enthusiast. Either way, we're just as keen to show you our projects as we are to hear about what you've got on the go, even if they are still up in your head and haven't made it to paper or computer yet. (We can relate to that.)

Why Computers?

All of us are motivated by one thing in common, we're interested in understanding more about technology. Nobody said "computer" was limited to that thing which sits on your desk!

Everyone is welcome

If you would like a community and a space where you can indulge and challenge yourself to do more with your technology and create new and amazing things. Come and visit us on Sunday 17th June.

Energy Efficiency & Convenience

Rob automated his

Curtains & Blinds

with ESP8266, OpenHAB & geared motors
to help heat his home in winter
Curtains are important for privacy and for helping managing warmth during winter. Learn how Rob is harnessing the energy from the sun to help maintain his home temperatures at a more pleasant level during winter.
Stephen analyses his

Solar PV & Energy Usage

with NodeRED, InfluxDB & Grafan0
to help his family manage energy use

After converting to all-electric in 2016, Stephen and his wife upgraded their home with solar in 2017. He started to analyse generation and usage patterns and is using this to help his family better understand how they can improve theirĀ  personal energy usage awareness in summer and winter.

John built and automated a

Sun Tracking Mirror

with stepper motors, CNC & Raspberry Pi
to reduce his heating energy costs

John has a particular room on the south side of his house which never sees the sun. Using a movable mirror, John is able to send about 1kW of sun energy into that room all day long, making it several degrees warmer during winter.

Chris built a

Gate controller

with NodeRED, Raspberry Pi & Servo Motors
to make life more convenient

When Chris moved into his new home, he had a front gate which is an important part of his home's appearance and security, but it was very inconvenient by not being automated. Using NodeRED and a wifi Raspberry Pi, Chris automated it.

Learning & Growing

Amir & David designed a

Robotics Kit

with MicroMite and MMBasic
to teach young people how to how to code


Mohan built a home made

3D Printer

with a custom frame & Raspberry Pi
he wanted to tinker without hesitation
John built a home made

CNC Machine

with a Dremel, Arduino & Rapsberry Pi
he saw how useful they are, and wanted one
Sean converted some

Dot Matrix Displays

with Raspberry Pi & Arduino

for the sake of the challenge

Event Details

Level 1, 479 Warrigal Rd, Moorabbin

13:00-17:00 Sunday 17th June 2017