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About Us

We're right into our computers, electronics, mechanics and any other things that can come together to allow us to create amazing things.

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Some of us work in these fields during the day(or night), but many of us just enjoy creating what's possible when we have time.

We're a group of all ages, abilities, cultures and professions brought together by our interest in tech.

Melbourne Creators Collective

Melbourne PC User Group was founded in 1984 to help IT enthusiasts learn more about the latest technology at the time. Fast forward to today and Melbourne Creators Collective has been created to better acknowledge the broad and universal place that Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths (STEAM) has in our lives.

Melbourne Creators Collective exists to help young (anyone is young if they say so) enthusiasts continue to learn and discover more about STEAM.

Both are one organisation are inclusive to everyone, each group is only different by kinds of activities it might focus on.

What's in a membership?

Annual membership is available for $95 per year.

There are also many other benefits:

  • Unlimited fiber internet at our club house
  • Fully functioning workshop with a wide range of hand and power tools
  • Use of our testing benches and instruments
  • Regular events on weeknights and weekends

Find us

We're located on Unit 26/Level 1, at 479 Warrigal Rd, Moorabbin