What Inspires Us


Members have built projests such as theremin, high speed photography trigger, home made CNC machine.


We're a community of enthusiasts who come together to collaborate, share and learn as we get those projects complete, or at least closer to complete.


Anyone who wants to learn new skills and develop their creativity is welcome. All ages and abilities have something valuable to share and gain.


Turning, milling, cutting, debugging, soldiering, troubleshooting or anything else, we've got all the kinds of tools that will help get the job done.

What Inspires You?

Dream, plan & make

Do you like to come up with crazy ideas that just need to be built? We do too.

Create beyond your limits

Your spouse doesn't want metal shavings all over the floor at home? We've got two huge project work area that are perfect for all kinds of project-in-process mess.

Help when you need it

Whether it's a design problem or one that showed up on first build, chances are someone else has seen a similar issue and will have some helpful thoughts to share.

Have fun

We come from all ages, professions and backgrounds, but we all know how to enjoy sharing our hobbies.

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Us in a nutshell

... in a video actually

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