Let’s make an even better one!

Experience the thrill of developing a fully working electronics and software system in half a day.

A few Saturdays ago when we cobbled together a High Speed Photography (HSP) rig in 4 hours, from a standing start, and captured some really cool images of balloons bursting. Now we are going to make it even better, and we want your contribution.

On September 29 we intend to take it to the next level. HSP 1.0 needed a darkened room and a photo-flash. We want HSP 2.0 to work in daylight. This will no doubt throw up some new challenges, but we are up for it. Are you? Will you join in? Saturday September 29, 10am – 2pm

This will be fun project. There’s no age or skill restrictions, because everyone can contribute something. All you need is to be interested in the challenge and the outcome – some (hopefully) amazing high speed photos of things bursting or bouncing or smashing or squelching.

Everyone is welcome to come and contribute, whether you were in HSP 1.0 or not. Bring along anything you think may come in useful, from hand tools to electronics component and sensors … and maybe a cut lunch!

Please register in advance, it will help our planning. A yes, we will send you emails, but not very often, and always with interesting stuff. We like to keep in touch with anyone interested in techie-geeky stuff, but frankly we are all volunteers and there’s too much work in generating emails to do it too often. And you can always unsubscribe.

Where: Level 1, 479 Warrigal Rd, Moorabbin

10:00 – 14:00 Saturday 29th September