This project started out as a pile of old hardwood truss and framing timber from a house that was due to be demolished, the owners were giving away what was some nice quality wood hardwood(built back before cheap and light pine was the main goto material).

Some of our members packed up some power tools, headed to this demolition site and collected a few sticks of timber that would be the start of the enclosure. One of our members took some of the timber and cleaned it up and built it into a trolley like frame which would hold hydroponically grown plants. We then added some electronics into the enclosure to allow us to monitor the temperature and humidity of the grow area, as well as some LEDs to provide increased amounts of light to support the plant growth.

Over the time since this enclosure has been built and used, it’s been used in areas with and without access to natural light. We’re currently in the process of trying to optimise the plant growth when natural light is not available. While we work through this, the enclosure is in a window area on a north facing wall, and as a result of this, the plants tend to do better in the sunnier seasons. We’ll get there!