A while ago we got together at the club and decided to make a foray into low cost high speed photography.

A month or so ago we started building a high speed photography trigger

Some of the tools needed were as as follows:

  • Camera capable of running in bulb mode
  • External flash
  • Microphone
  • Arduino (or similar)

We ended up crowded around an inflated balloon with the lights off while one of us thought it was a good idea to throw darts to burst the balloon. It actually was a good idea, and we wrote an article(below) where you can see some photos from our session. These photos are the result of a lot of trial and error, that’s lots of trials, leading to many errors. But some of the photos worked out well.

Enough is never enough, there is always a need for faster and more destruction. We’re not ready to handle the safety and clean-up issues of smashing glass or bursted water balloons yet, but there is more that can be done at high speed with our simple recipe.

One of the practical issues we faced however was the