Our Events

We regularly catch up to share ideas and work on our projects, and if you've got your own projects or ideas you'd like to work on or share, you're very welcome to join us.

We'll post our event times and dates on our news page.

You're very welcome to come to one of our events and see what inspires you.

Science and Tech Projects

Regular event times:

1st and 3rd Sunday of each Month, from 13:00 to 16:00.

Our projects are many and varied. We've built a therein, both the analog one from way back and one based on Arduino. We built an EMG(electromyography) amplifier, which lets you measure the electrical pulses from your arms. We've worked on a floppy disk based music generator which uses the vibration from the stepper motors to make music, the more old school the song that's played, the cooler it sounds.

Check the full event details page for more info.


Regular event times:

2nd Monday of each Month, from 19:00 to 21:30.

We love making videos, videos of anything interesting. Whether you're trying to make a short video, get your lighting right, produce something for your social media or something longer like a family event or a wedding. Come and bring your ideas for a meeting we regularly hold with fellow video enthusiasts.

Check the full event details page for more info.

We're on Meetup

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Meetup: Melbourne Computer Club
Meetup: Microcontroller (Moorabbin)