Membership in The Melbourne Computer Club

When you join The Melbourne Computer Club, you'll gain access to a large and diverse community who's interest in computers and technology is growing stronger and stronger.

We've spent over 30 years building ourselves up as a club and with over 1,600 members, you'll be well supported.


  • Membership is open to anyone, and the only age related requirement we have is that we require any member under 18 to be supervised by a parent or guardian when on site.
  • All you need to join The Melbourne Computer Club is an interest for technology. Our members are originally from all around the world and come from a wide range of professional and vocational backgrounds.


  • We're studying a wide range of things and are from many different professions, this makes us a widely skilled community with lots of skills, knowledge and experience to share.
  • There is pretty much no skill that isn't represented somehow amongst us. If anyone gets stuck on a project, it's usually not for long.
  • As our membership grows, so does the strength of our community and the ability for us to get more out of every day technology.
  • We also strongly believe in an educated Australia and are passionate about helping the next generation use technology to make their lives better.
  • We have a huge clubhouse located in the South Eastern suburb of Moorabbin. In this clubhouse there are many different facilities which allow members to do most anything on their technology projects, from turning metal on a lathe to learning about a new computer or smartphone program.
  • Membership is $95 per year, try finding value like that anywhere else!


Helping You Be More Productive

We've spent a long time building up our facilities and are proud of what we've achieved. We're always continuing to build and develop what our facilities are capable of.

When you're trying to build up your knowledge on something or just need resources to help you move your project's design or planning ahead, we've got you covered.

  • We like to use our large open auditorium space to host regular presentations from various experts or enthusiasts from different areas.
  • If you aren't able to physically attend the event, that's no problem because we can stream it to you.


  • We have a large and functional kitchenette, this is how we support our large functions when we host them.
  • It's also somewhere for you to pause for a break and a chat if you're hacking away at your project.
  • We have about 15 computers in our computer lab, these machines have a range of operating systems on them, with different versions of Windows and Linux.
  • You're free to use these to help you do what you need to do.
  • We've got an unlimited fiber optic internet service, this is available for members to make use of.
  • Connect your via your own computer on our club wifi network or via the club provided computers.

Helping You Get Things Done

Sometimes you need a certain tool to perform a modification or perhaps a specialised instrument to diagnose a fault properly.

We've got several different types of spaces which are ideally suited to a wide range of project activities.

  • Over the years we've accumulated a whole range of tools and spare parts which you can use to repair or build your projects with.
  • From basic tools like screwdrivers and pliers to much more advanced tools like lathes and mills.
  • Sometimes there is a bug or issue that's hard to find or understand.
  • You might need to use something advanced like one of our function generators or oscilloscopes.
  • You might need a space where you can plug in your wires and components to figure out or program something.
  • If don't need to make sawdust, swarf, noise or smoke(unless it gets out by accident), we've got a great work space for that.
  • Sometimes you need to get down and dirty with a part or component, we've got a fully functioning workshop that's perfect for such activities.
  • We're also very serious about safety, so we also have many members who will be able to help you understand how to work safely.

Ready to Join?