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Our Events

We regularly catch up to share ideas and work on our projects, and if you've got your own projects or ideas you'd like to work on or share, you're very welcome to join us.

We'll post our event times and dates on our news page.

You're very welcome to come to one of our events and see what inspires you.

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Meetup: Melbourne Computer Club
Meetup: Microcontroller (Moorabbin)

Regular Topics

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pis are amazing little computers, capable of being used as a desktop computer but also able to bring a lot of smarts to your electronics, media centre, home automation or even robot projects. This group will help you understand some of the very important aspects of these little devices and help you truly understand what's possible with this wallet sized computer.


Micro-controllers are tiny devices, but a massive category, these devices are the sensors, logical devices, programmable boards that bring your projects to life.

Many of us have our own different projects which we'd love to share ideas from, in fact that's why there are often several project collaborations on the go at any one time.

Smartphones & Tablets

Whether you're trying to figure out something on your device, or if you're wanting to root or jailbreak it. We're into our Android and iOS devices as much as you are.

These powerful pocket devices are valuable in many more areas than simply phone calls and web browsing. Come and see what's possible and even bring your own project inspirations.